Video Entertainment in the MRI Room                                                                                                                                  DISTRACT PATIENTS | MRI SAFE | HIGH QUALITY | LOW PRICE

The Sound Imaging’s MRI Visor mimics an immersive movie theater experience, focusing a patient’s attention away from the MRI scan. The MRI Visor reduces anxiety and PTSD, as well as the need for re-scans and anesthesia. Each device comes with calming videos to watch that come pre-installed on an SD card. Or upload video programming of your choosing, such as a favorite movie. This device is RF shielded and made from non-magnetic materials that are safe to use inside an MRI room. The Sound Imaging MRI Visor is currently on register with the USPTO.

MRI Visors can improve MRI productivity, reduce the need for sedation, and improve the patient’s experience. Patient anxiety arises from confinement in the imaging machine and from the loud gradient magnet noise. Anxious patients are more likely to move in the MRI and require repeated scans. Some patients cancel their MRI appointments due to anxiety. With MRI Visors, fewer patients will need sedation, which reduces their risk and MRI testing costs. When given a choice between MRI facilities, many patients will be attracted to facilities with video entertainment.

* MRI Conditional to 3 Tesla.
* FDA 510(k) approved.
* Rechargeable long-life batteries.
* Videos licensed for MRI use.
* Video on memory cards