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MRI Visor
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MRi Visor by Sound Imaging

The MRI Visors entertainment system mimics the immersive experience of a movie theater, distracting the patients from the constrictive, claustrophobic imaging equipment. This distraction relaxes patients and relieves their anxiety about the MRI environment.

Developed in conjuction with University of California San Diego


MRI Visors can improve MRI productivity, reduce the need for sedation, and improve the patient’s experience. Patient anxiety arises from confinement in the imaging machine and from the loud gradient magnet noise. Anxious patients are more likely to move in the MRI, and require repeated scans. Some patients cancel their MRI appointments due to anxiety. With MRI Visors, fewer patients will need sedation, which reduces their risk and MRI testing costs. When given a choice between MRI facilities, many patients will be attracted to facilities with video entertainment.

MRI Visors

MRI Visors large headphones act as ear protectors, which significantly reduce the noise of the MRI, while the soft facemask fits comfortably on the patient’s face. The audio entertainment distracts patients from the thumping of the MRI, and the video refocuses the patient’s attention.


MRI Visors entertainment system is portable and can be used in different MRI rooms. The rechargeable battery is intended to last for one day before recharging. MRI Visors is supplied with a spare battery, so a charged battery should always be available.

Custom Content

MRI Visors come with a variety of relaxing and meditative videos as well as nature video with relaxing background music, such as “Deep Blue Relax.” MRI Visors can convert your choice of DVD to the SD cards allowing the patient to watch their favorite show within 48 – 72 hours.

MRI compatible

Compatibility with 3T-rated field strength magnets, ensuring compatibility with all state-of-the-art MRIs. Proprietary cordless Laser Link technology that transmits audio-video signal from the console to the magnet room.

What MRI Visor​ Offers

Offering the ultimate in patient ease is a sleek new lightweight, adjustable, integrated audio-video headset. With Laser Link technology, installation is just a matter of minutes. No additional cables or filters are necessary.

The patient set-up also is a breeze. Treat your patients to the highest quality multi-media experience that others can’t match, and enjoy a host of top-of-the-line technologies.


  • Keep patients entertained and distracted with video entertainment, helping avoid discomfort.
  • Lower overall patient claustrophobia and anxiety in both children and adults.
  • Reduce the need for sedation and anesthesia, especially for children and PTSD patients.
  • Video system does not isolate all sounds, allowing for in-bore communication (optional Bi-Direction communication upgrade).
  • Portable and easily moved between your individual MRI Scanner.
    No downtime required for installation.